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Taking place at the beginning of the events of Fatal Frame 2, something has been changed in All God's Village. Instead of it being a town perpetually plunged in darkness, by day it is simly an old, albeit abandoned and hard to find, village.

But when someone falls asleep near or in the village, strange things happen. They have dreams of being in the village at the time of its fall to the Repentance, terrifying visions of the ghosts that were once the residents of this place.

Lately, that isn't the only place where strange dreams have been happening. In the legendary Himuro mansion, and even in average haunted houses, strange things have been happening.

Is something spreading out towards the rest of the world? Can it be stopped? Or is it too late?

With the click of a Camera, you can find out.

1. Please, above all else, be civil and polite to one another! A roleplay is no fun if everyone hates each other.
2. Take your problems to the mods. Listen to them. They know what they're doing, trust me.
3. No godmodding, bad grammar, or anything else that qualifies as bad roleplaying.
4. No wank.
5. No players under 15. This is a mature game, and children/immature people shall be thrown to the Malice.
6. Apply and be accepted before posting.
7. Finally, have fun! It's a game; enjoy it!